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VN800 Build
Hi there, can you please tell me what Biltwell Seat did you used ... Solo , Solo2 , Thinline ... also more pics with your underseat arrangement please.
Did you also used an Biltwell Seat Hinges ???
Please send more details , i also followed you on Instagram ... 

I love you'r bike man ... 

Greetings from Romania
Amazing build, planning doing similar work.

What fender and struts did you use for the rear end?
Thank you!

I just made some struts out of flat bar from home depot. The fender is a 6" trailer fender.

Be sure to post yours once it's built!
Man that's nice. The maroon red is a great color on it too.
thanks man! I do like the stock maroon. I've got another 250 build coming in that color.

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