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Rad Build I saw
Caught this at the Auto Show.  Thought I'd share!

[Image: OCXdrm2.jpg]
totally different then what i usually like. but thats bad ass.
that bike was at the festival of speed too.

such a great little design and looks fun.

however...the welds all over it are complete shit to the point I would doubt the tank holds fuel and if it does it wont forever. Such a shame to be so intrigued yet utterly disappointed upon a closer look. I will say though, it has me wanting to build a ripper now.
That sucks. I didn't get a close look at it so from afar it looks like a sick bike. Disappointment!
So I met the dude who built this bike last weekend, he swears its holds gas and that the other dude at the shop did the welding lol. Im not one to filter my mouth, but I dont believe I pissed him off lol. I still stand by the fact the craftsmanship should really be improved if your going to show it off. Rad dude with a really sweet stunt buell that he's getting the bugs worked out of.

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